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And they devoted themselves to the apostles' teachings, to the fellowship, to the breaking of bread, and to the prayers.  Acts 2:42  HCSB


Dear Believers,

What a time we live in today, there is no need to fear, cause as we see the things happening around us, we know that our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is soon to be appearing.  Although the secular world is facing traumatic problems and the economy in a turmoil, our faith in the one true God keeps and secures us in the midst of the storm.  Even when the faithless press predict doom and gloom, we have that glorious hope in Jesus Christ that "all is well".  I hope this web sight can help bring you to that hope or strengthen your current faith.  Above all I pray it brings glory to the Name of Jesus and enlighten all who visit here to "devoted themselves to the apostles' teachings".

Founder & Bishop Robert (Bob) Sharp

Where there is no vision...

For over 40 years of ministry, it has been the vision of Dr. Bob Sharp that his calling was more than preaching, visiting those with needs, reaching out to the lost and tending the flock.  It is his belief that ministry is more than building buildings, assembling the congregation, and winning a few to Jesus.  With this feeling came the call to do all of the above, but to also raise up, train, and teach, from the cradle to adulthood, workers, laborers for the Kingdom of God.

It is through this vision, in the past, that has led to children's ministry of Child Care and Christian schools.  Also, with ministerial training classes, and various teaching-training sessions that help equip, and enable those with a burden to answer the calling in their lives.  This vision unfolds daily in our affiliated ministries of Apostles Way Ministries.

Our Vision...

Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations...     Matthew 28:19

And He said to them, "Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature.    Mark 16:15

The commandment given by Jesus is direct and inclusive of all who would follow Him. 

It is this call that manifests itself as the driving force and foundation of AWMI.

We must teach and preach the 'Good News of Jesus Christ' to the world. 

The world starts in our own homes, proceeds to our community, our areas, states, country, and then to the entirety of mankind.


Affiliated Ministries

Christ Chapel Church of Brownwood

Judah Praise Ministry

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'Twas the Month before Christmas'

Poem written by:                 Rev. James Harris, III